The Berry Farm

At Christie’s Corner

Aerial view of farmWilliam (Jim) and Jackie (Jacqueline) Christie operate a small farm called “The Berry Farm (at Christie’s Corner)” located five minutes east of Millwoods via Whitemud Drive, east of Edmonton, Alberta, and five minutes south of Sherwood Park on Range Road 232 (past Salisbury Greenhouses).

The Berry Farm is a tiny family farm, non-certified organic, and produces limited amounts of a range of fruits, berries, and fruit-based products. These include sea buckthorn, apples, plums, cherries (Evans, Juliette, chokecherries, and pin-cherries), currants (white, red, and black), saskatoons, honeyberries (haskap), and raspberries (purple/black, yellow, and red). Limited amounts of various jams, as well as dehydrated and frozen fruits and berries, are available for sale upon request. Prices may vary from time to time without notice. We suggest checking by email in advance for prices, availability, and other unexpected changes.

People berry picking

Limited strawberries may be available, after the majority have been sold as individual plants, strawberry plants in pots, hanging strawberry bags, and hanging strawberry pots every spring. There is no open field strawberry picking at this time.

Pussy willows, lilacs, willow branches, acorns, and cattails that grow in the farm’s natural areas are available for sale in season upon request.

Private Bookings

Private bookings for photographers, nature walks, bird watching, and plant studies are available upon request. A day-use fee will apply, and a pre-signed liability waiver is required. This applies to individuals and/or small groups only. The farm is not suitable for formal portrait purposes. Please note that outside of the mowed berry fields, parking, and lawn areas, the woods, marshes, and trails are in their original wild and natural state. There are no amenities, catering, or accommodations available.

Children’s Poetry Stories

Jackie Christie, one of the farm owners, has written a number of published children’s poetry stories, including Pumpkin Junction (Harvest Moon Luncheon), Merrie Cherries Rollie-Pollie Race Day, Tip-Toe the Spider: Halloween Hall, and Wanda Watermelon (Wacky Waterslide Wipeout). The books are available by contacting Jackie at (780) 918-3221, or They may also be ordered directly online at Trafford Publishing or Amazon books. Two additional books have been completed, but are not yet available: Rusty Rock-a-Roodle-Roo, and Cindy Saskatoon-berrie Gets Lost.